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Almost Anything, Big or

It’s fun making a website do something a client needs. It’s fun to work out the programming-design puzzle.

It’s particularly fun to do it right…methodically (it’s programming, it should be methodical), double checking the details and testing.

But we have to be realistic: if it takes x amount of time to do it right, it costs $x to do it right. That is, the budget has to match the scale and scope of the project. Some typical customization of WordPress starts as low as $250. Maintenance sessions, $79. It can be that simple.

We offer:

  • standard WordPress websites
  • custom WordPress plugins and widgets
  • custom themes
  • custom post types and shortcodes
  • start-to-finish flexibility
  • web design consultations
  • photography, video, animation
  • social media
  • custom contact forms
  • custom database development
  • complete website customization

Start-to-Finish Web Design Flexibility

We meet with you to learn about your business strategies and needs, and then we create three designs. You review them to pick and choose what you like about each. From there, another design is created for another review, and you get another chance to tweak the design and organization of your site.

Finally, you approve the finished web site.

The WOW Factor Website

You get complete control of the appearance, flow and layout of your site with our custom design service. When you need that WOW factor, need your site to look cool, need to make that top-of-the-line impression, give us a call. Let’s talk.

Call 813-685-9206 for a Web Design Consultation.