Professional Logo Design, Brandon, Florida

We apply the rules of design and the requirements of printing to create a logo that works on business cards, promotional items, signs and websites.

The Logo…Plus Expertise

We offer more than the commodity. We offer years of experience in promotions, design and media production.

Goals of Logo Design

The audience for each business is different, but the purposes of logos are consistent:

  • Make a distinct visual impression.
  • Communicate the company or product name.
  • Brand the name in the minds (and eyes) of the audience.

The RIGHT Kind of Logo Files

You get a distinct logo and the RIGHT kind of files:

  • EPS Vector file
    • Scalable so it can be resized and stay clean and sharp.
    • With Transparency so your logo file can be used on any background.
    • Vector outlines so your logo can be used on signs and stitched on shirts.
    • Most flexible format for use in ALL of today’s media – web, television, print, promotional items, signs, banners, billboards.
  • High-Resolution JPG for printing.

Rules of Logo Design

Your logo should imprint an image in the eye and minds of those who see it. It should appear in nearly every marketing piece, but it shouldn’t be expected to communicate everything.

So I use the Logo Design Rules of the pros. A logo should be:

  • distinct
  • usable as a small thumbnail on a business card or as a gigantic graphic on a billboard
  • reproducible as a single color
  • designed in a vector file format so it can be enlarged to any size without losing quality
  • simple

Simple and Usable

Take a look around you right now. Walk through your office or home. Look for the logos of big companies. You’ve seen them before: HP, Nike, Epson, Lays, Colgate-Palmolive, and I could go on. They spend tens of thousands of dollars for a logo, the they are all simple.

Even the companies that make graphic design software like Adobe and Corel have simple logos.

Why? It appears in many different places: web sites, business cards, brochures, tee shirts, hats, pens and everywhere they can put it. It should be usable in many different media.

We can embellish a logo with effects, highlights and animation, but the initial design should be simple and distinct. Most logos should be recognizable at a quarter inch wide on a plastic pen or as a tiny black-and-white graphic on a fax page.

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